The Apple Orchard

We began planting our first apple trees in spring 2005 and had our first harvest in September 2007. It has taken a number of years to establish the orchard, now complete with 1800 dwarf apple trees. The farm grows Cortland, Empire, Macoun, several Macintosh varieties, and Honey Crisp apples. Each year our production is expected to increase as the trees mature.

Pick-your-own: Critz Farms visitors are invited for apple picking on weekends beginning in mid September and continuing into October while supplies last. Currently, wagon rides to the orchard are only offered on weekends; however, weekday visitors are invited to drive out to the orchard when wagon rides are not offered.

Pre-picked apples:
We will also have fresh, pre-picked apples for sale. Many of the varieties come from our own orchard while others come from our fellow growers in Apple Valley. Visitors can hand select their apples from the large crates, allowing for ample opportunity to mix and match from the varieties available each week.

Future Orchard Plans: We currently have plans to establish a new orchard dedicated specifically to growing cider apples. A mix of European cider apple trees and other dessert apple trees will be planted in the spring of 2014.  We will use land that was previously allotted for Christmas trees and pumpkins to grow these specialty trees.