The Cider Mill

Sweet apple cider is pressed on our antique Boomer & Boschert, 48″ x 48″ four screw press. The press, circa 1890’s, was made in Syracuse, NY, and was originally used at a water powered cider mill in Pennsylvania. We acquired the press in 2006 and have made significant renovations to meticulously and authentically restore it. The press is line shaft driven and is currently powered by an electric motor. Visitors can watch all the steps of the cider production and will be intrigued by the noisy series of conveyor belts, gears, and belts used to move the apples through the process of being washed, ground, spread, pressed, UV treated, and bottled to produce farm fresh delicious sweet apple cider.

This historical machinery is one of the last operating four screw cider presses in New York State. It is designed to press over 1000 gallons of cider per day, using 25 bushels of apples to make about 75 gallons of cider per press. Cider pressing demonstrations, complete with informational explanation and audience participation, will take place on weekend days from 10-4 during our annual Fall Harvest Celebration.