Maple Syrup Production

At the Harvest Moon Cidery, we are proud to use our own fresh, pure maple syrup to sweeten several of our hard ciders.  This gives our ciders a unique flavor and complexity.  The syrup is made right at Critz Farms every spring!

We’ve been making our own fresh pure maple syrup here on the farm since 2001. We have a forty acre maple woods (known as a sugar bush) where we have about 2000 taps to collect the crystal clear sap from the sugar maple trees during March and early April.  Our collection process utilizes a vacuum system and three different collection stations.  We bring the sap back to the Sugar House and boil it down on a huge wood fired evaporator.  Once the syrup is ready, it is filtered, graded and bottled or put up in barrels.

Visitors are invited to visit the farm during our Maple Syrup Celebration from mid March to early April.

We use our Critz Farms Maple Syrup in our Rippleton Original, Four Screw, and of course, in our Maple Moon hard ciders.